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When a tour leader reviews the guests

active holiday for teenagers

It is quite normal and common to read about the adventures that people have experienced as guests but now you will read about it from another perspective; a family activity holiday tour leaders perspective. So stay with me and read what happens when a tour leader ´reviews´ the guests.

When it comes to describing a complex relationship between parents and kids  (especially teenage kids ), the best way to describe it would be: „a constant struggle“. Making your kids happy while trying to be a parent and a friend at the same is no mean feat; especially while trying to find some quality time for yourself.

Perhaps all of that sounds  like great material for some science-fiction movie but it is possible. Really, it is possible and it is something that Green World Holidays hopes and continues to achieve . This is the reason why I love my job. Spending quality time with nice people and helping them relax in one of the most beautiful parts of my home country Croatia.

Barisa 1

The contrasting look on peoples faces upon their arrival and departure is the reason why we do this job. When guests arrive you can still feel they are all stressed out from their jobs back home and a bit anxious about the 'adventure holiday' they will be spending with their teenagers. Will they like the activities, are they going to make some new friendships, can they all hang out together and still have a great time???

Everything is possible, so is this. It sounds like a perfect vacation, and it is. This program is the ideal combination of fun natural adventures where you can bond with the kids and in the same time ignore them in equal measure; so you can rest from each other ( let´s be honest, you know it´s true!).

Barisa 3

As much as you want to spend most of the time with your teenage kids you know  it´s not possible, they need time for themselves and so do you (many parents site the adult only visit to the local vineyard as one of their favourite moments 🙂

As the week goes by that stress and anxiety from the begining of the week is replaced smiles & laughter. During the entire week our job is to have fun and to make sure you go back home with a smile. I will quote Sandy, one of our many happy and satisfied guests: ´´The company representatives were amazing.  They were enthusiastic without being artificial and it was clear that they really did enjoy their jobs.  They were helpful and kind.´´

active holiday for teenagers

Everything comes to that, making sure you go back home happy and us knowing you had a great time, and your kids remembering this vacation and going home with new friends and a great experience that they shared with you.
You can be sure that this holiday will be a great memory for all of you, and something that you will mention quite often on your family gatherings. The hardest part of this family adventure holiday is saying goodbye.

But you are always welcome back and you will always have that place where memories were made.

Best Wishes
Bariša Pandža
Senior Tour Leader - Croatia


best family activity holiday in croatia

best family activity holiday in Croatia

My wife’s brief was simple. ‘David’ research & book the best family activity holiday in Croatia! So, no pressure there! Anyway, fast forwarding 5 months later - these are my field reports...

I’m standing in the Cetina canyon with my two teenagers, just below a magnificent waterfall. The water is powering down at crudely one full bath per second and for once my two teens are lost for words. Perched open mouthed on the slippery rock face, they have been hypnotized by the spells of Croatia.

Rewind seven days earlier, we arrived in Split in great anticipation for our teenager activity holiday in Croatia. We were greeted by a blue sky and a friendly smile by the Green World Holidays rep ‘Nina’, who guided us from the airport terminal too adventure base in Trilj. The transfer is less than 40 minutes and whilst my two girls preferred to study their Facebook feed, I very much enjoyed seeing the Dalmatia countryside unfold in front of me.

The hotel boasts a spectacular surrounding, rich in history and raw in nature. Positioned next to the Cetina River, the water reflects the impressive mountains that are draped in pine. It’s the perfect setting for breakfast and dinner, which is enjoyed on the outside terrace.

My daughters Louise (15) and Izzy (17), shared the week with three other families and I was grateful for the age matching of the other teenagers. My two girls can often be shy but with the relaxing atmosphere of the adventure base, new friends were made quickly.

Each day we were briefed and equipped for the active fun ahead! More often than not this involved a wetsuit, life vest and red helmet. Our instructors were simply amazing, measuring our capacity for thrills and inevitably spills. Every day we would find ourselves congregated as a team in another pristine location. From rural bliss to flowing rapid falls. This is a family adventure of many sides and personalities.

Active holidays in Croatia demand great catering, and our hosts were masters in the culinary arts! Our Green World hosts served delicious local foods for breakfast and evening feasts in industrial sizes to sustain our week of frontline adventures.

Alongside the other Dads I soon realised that every gulp of Ožujsko beer we drank was actually saving us money, compared with UK prices. Mums agreed that the local red’s and white’s definitely sustained their sense of well-being. Wednesday our official day off was further fuelled with an adult only trip to the local vineyard for food & wine tasting. A fabulous addition to the trip!

During my stay I chose to find out more of the town’s local history. Trilj actually has many archaeological findings dating way back to Mesolithic. The first ethnic group that inhabited this area are the Illyrian tribe Delmati. After 150 years of intense wars against the Romans (165 BC.- 9. AD), the Delmati people were eventually defeated. The remains of the Roman legionary fortress of Tilurium can still be found on the hill which watches over the hotel.

Is this the best family activity holiday in Croatia ? Undoubtedly, yes! This multi sport week in Trilj is perfect for families seeking fun within the gift of nature! My daughters affirmed that -Teenager activity holidays are positively ‘cool’ – sorry – i meant to write #epic.



active holiday for teenagers


Activity holidays to keep my teenagers happy

Moody, moaning, tired & fed up faces… oh the life of a hard done by teen! As parents, we know that keeping our teenagers energised and enthusiastic on holiday is always going to be the biggest challenge. How many times have you heard the phrase - “Mum… I’m bored with this, lets go!” So how do you ignite the enthusiasm in a bunch of teenagers? From our experience, we’ve only a seen a boost in our children’s confidence and happiness, when they’ve been made to try new things, meet new people and make new friends.

Family active holiday teenagers

It’s important to remember that hols for teens are about variety, and giving them the independence to let them feel like young adults. I remember our first Croatia active family holiday, and how it really re-connected us. As i remember, there were no mood swings on that trip, arguments were replaced with excited conversation and we all pulled together when trying the various activities.

active teenager holiday croatia

Obviously it’s important to consider the interests of our teenagers – but we all know, left to their own devices, it would probably be a rotation of sleep, eat, sunbathe & facebook. Teenager activity holidays in Croatia, can offer all those things but with the injection of fun, nature, culture and camaraderie with their peers!

Cetina canyons in Croatia

Instead of your teens remaining horizontal in a blackened room till mid day, we highly recommend to try some intrepid adventures. We really shouldn’t underestimate the energy and enthusiasm of our teenage children. Powering down river rapids, and zipling across canyons will be a huge boost to their poise & self-reliance.

Croatia family active vacation

Testing their independence is important. Has home life and school prepared them well, to make new friends easily? Multi sport holidays in Croatia really can put the spotlight on a child’s abilities. Can they overcome their fears? Can they work as a team? Can they adapt and learn a new skill? It’s a big pressure to appear to be un-fazed by things at school & college. So it’s actually very refreshing, to be in an environment, where everyone is connected by the same shared excitement.

active teenage holiday in Omis

Without a doubt, activity holidays to keep my teenagers happy is my summer secret weapon. The numerous amounts of activities we’ve enjoyed, from scuba diving to camel riding have kept my teenagers engaged and culturally aware & I'm sure we have benefited as a family.


Teenager Holidays

Over the years Green World Holidays has become some what of an expert in arranging and developing holidays for families with teenagers!

The Teenage years are always going to be tricky to satisfy everyone in the family dynamic BUT we feel pretty confident that our teenager friendly activity holidays cover just about all basis.


Of course we need fun and exciting activities suitable for the whole family. Experienced and personable guides. Great food. Nice wine and quality accommodation. Our programs certainly deliver on all those areas. We can even cater well these days for families who may have one or two members who lets say prefer to relax rather than exert themselves during their precious holiday time!

Hotels with nice pools, spas, secluded beeches are all available to our families.


We pride ourselves on offering a nice range of programs to cover different family requirements. For example some of our programs are ideal for bringing like minded and similar aged teenage families together; whereas other programs are more suitable for the independent families amongst you.

The best thing to do is call us. We love to engage with our clients and you will see from our 5 star reviews on review centre we do listen and we do deliver on our promises!!!




Houses of Parliament

Green World Holidays were proud to be invited last week to the Houses of Parliament as guests of Iztok Jarc, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and MP Neil Parish responsible for trade and industry relations with Slovenia.

The Directors of Green World Holidays were invited to the Houses of Parliament in recognition of 10 years dedicated service to developing tourism in Slovenia. As well as meeting leading figures from trade & industry the Green World Holiday directors were also awarded with a special all-inclusive trip to experience Slovenia’s first Eco resort hotel & spa in the stunning Lake Bohinj Region.

The ‘2864 eco resort’ out of 1600 worldwide entrants is now down to the final two. The winner of the prestigious Green Globe award will be announced at this years World Travel Market exhibition in London next month.

After the presentation at the Houses of Parliament the Green World Holiday directors were invited to attend a drinks reception at the Slovenian Embassy giving them further chance to meet leading figures within the active tourism industry including the first Slovenian mountaineer to summit one of the top 10 peaks in the world.

Speaking with Slovenia national radio from the Houses of Parliament in London, the Green World Holidays team commented: “It was a prestigious event and one we were particularly proud to be apart of. We look forward to developing the awareness of Slovenia and tourism throughout the seasons and many beautiful regions of Slovenia”.








Running Wild…

Last week Green World Holidays entered a team into the Wolf Run Wild Running event. It was dirty work but somebody had to do it 🙂

The Wolf run is a 10k cross country run across all sorts of terrain and obstacles including lake crossings, bmx style ditches, muddy tunnels and the like. Its not a timed race so its more about the experience of running wild and working together as a "wolf pack" to get over the very muddy finish line.

It was tough but a whole lot of fun and the weather was perfect making it an awesome day to be part of and nice for the friends, colleagues and family members who came along to support and heckle us!

The Green World Holidays Wolf pack is now looking for its next challenge. If you have any recommendations or ideas then please do contact us we are always up for something new especially if it involves getting muddy!


The Mouse that Roars!

"A Mouse that Roars."

This line was written by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide to describe Slovenia and here at Green World Holidays we can’t think of a better description.

If you like the great outdoors, then you simply have to come and experience this amazing and unspoiled country.

Slovenia’s countryside is picture postcard pretty and the roads are so quiet it is truly a joy to navigate around.

It is also a small country nestled in between Italy, Austria and Croatia, which makes it ideal to self drive.

The attractions are plentiful, but here is a short guide to the top spots.

Of course everyone must visit Lake Bled, this magical Lake with a small island and church in the middle. High above is Bled Castle, which offers amazing views.

Stunning Lake Bled Slovenia

Next up and only 40 mins drive is the less known but equally glorious Lake Bohinj. Here you can swim, fish, kayak, hike or simply relax and enjoy this stunning bit of nature.

From Bohinj we would recommend heading to the North West to enjoy some adventure sports. Here we organise White water rafting down the incredible aqua waters of the Soca River. Canyoning, Kayaking, Biking, Hiking and Climbing. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise!

Rafting on the Soca River

For those who would prefer towns and cities instead of rivers, mountains and trails then we would recommend spending time in Slovenia’s beautiful capital city Ljubljana and also a visit to the UNESCO Heritage town of Skofa Loka.

For those of you who have an unceasing draw to the sea then have no fear Slovenia also has coastline. The pretty town of Piran sits quietly on the Adriatic and is another hidden gem.

Hiking Biking and Skiing in Slovenia is a dream

A final tip is visiting Slovenia in winter season too. Slovenia has numerous mountains over 2500m and with a flight time from the UK of just 1 hour forty minutes it makes ski and snow board breaks extremely accessible.

These tips are really just a glimpse of what “the mouse that roars” has to offer. For more first hand advice and info don’t hesitate to contact us.


Festivals Far and Away

Tired of the same old festivals, corporate & main stream line ups?

Want to enjoy some beautiful destinations and immerse yourself in something completely different?

Then check out the list of festivals below which we recommend you consider:


The GUCA TRUMPET FESTIVAL in Serbia takes place in August for 6 days and plays hosts to wandering balkan brass bands. Gypsy, jazz, brass, hard drinking, dancing in the streets in the Serbian village of Belgrade you are sure to make friends and special memories. Lively, fun and Quirky.........


The SOMMELO Festival in Kuhmo, Finland attracts artists and creatives from all over the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia and beyond. The festival is all about exploring our Roots.... and it takes place in a town surrounded by lakes and forests, filled with bears and wolverines!


KROKSTRANDS Festival in Sweden started out as a celebration of TANGO but now a days it plays host to worldwide music and dance! It attracts amazing undiscovered artists and offers superb workshops which give you a chance to join in. It is a real family friendly festival too and the location next to the stunning Iderfjorden adds to the allure.


For our younger GWH customers then you may  be interested in the STOP MAKING SENSE Festival in Tisno, Croatia. This is 5 days of musical anarchy! The decks kick off at noon each day and DJ's play though until 07.00am. There are daily boat parties too. The location is gorgeous so you can soak up and explore the Adriatic coastline if you have the energy!


It now has legendry status. Yes it is the BURNING MAN Festival in the Nevada dessert. The location is Mad Max surreal and with the positive ethos behind the festival it is sure to guarantee happy times and memories. No money is allowed here, you get buy on good will, sharing and friendship. It is a special place indeed and certainly worthy of its now cult reputation.


Royal Visit

Green World Holidays, received an unexpected visitor on Friday during our very own Jubilee office celebrations!

A spokes person for GWH said "It was a proud moment meeting the Queen and we think she appreciated our efforts and some of our novel office decorations!" 

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78 Degrees North

Green World Holidays is always looking to find the next exciting destination for you to explore! That’s why we decided to visit what some call the last true remaining wilderness: SVALBARD.

At 78 degrees north, it is the most northerly inhabited settlement in the world!

When you touch down in Svalbard it certainly feels special. There is a magic to the place that you can’t quite grasp yet & that is definitely part of the intrigue.

As you walk out of the arrivals hall you are greeted with a polar bear warning sign firmly reminding you where you now are!

We stayed at the SAS Radisson but in fairness there are lots of great and alternative places to stay. One thing they all have in common is you have to take your shoes off at the door. That’s right, its slippers all the way in Svalbard. This is due to a tradition started by the first settlers in Svalbard, who were here to mine the coal and of course had boots which would not be popular in any home around the world.

It’s a quirky and homely tradition which really sums up this enchanting part of the planet.

As well as the coal mines, tourism is now the other major contributor to jobs in Svalbard. For such a remote destination I was surprised to see so many cool and funky restaurants, bars and hotels, which seem to attract young, vibrant workers from Norway, Sweden and Canada, who all seem to have one thing in common: a keen interest in living in this amazing & exclusive arctic wilderness.

I certainly get it. There is a magic to Svalbard which seems to lure and keep people here. It’s like some kind of secret members club that seems to be growing steadily in popularity as word gets out.

But I guess if you are travelling to Svalbard, to 78 degrees north, you are not coming for nice food, cool hotels, pubs & people; they are just a very nice added extra. You are ultimately coming to explore this vast and unique landscape.

Of course the only two ways to do this are by snow mobile or husky. We were lucky enough to try both. Our snow mobiling expedition was awesome. Covering over 100km in a day and reaching speeds of up to 90 kmph, this was a day of adrenaline combined with awe inspiring views. Landscapes included ice covered lakes, frozen water falls and even a solitary land locked ship, which tourists can spend the night on at certain times of year!

The views were breath-taking and the feeling of solitude and peace are un-questionable. At times with the pink clouds above and the infinite plains in front, you feel like you are in a Reuben’s painting.

So how would dog sledding rival this? Well I am pleased and surprised to report that it was as good, if not better. The two things I really enjoyed about the dog sledding was firstly the inter-action with your dogs. It’s not done for you, you have to collect your dogs and harness them together. No mean feat I assure you and greatly satisfying especially for someone like myself who has never had pets.

So after the effort and sweat of getting your team together, with the dogs excitedly barking, you are now ready for the off. Soon the second big plus becomes apparent. The silence! Once the dogs get going they are down to business, no more barking just running. As you get whisked through the unique arctic landscape you have a lot more time to disconnect, breathe it in and enjoy this wonderful nature first hand.

Of course you can’t cover nearly the same ground as you can on a snow mobile but the feeling is definitely superior, even for an adrenaline junky like me. As you finish the day and take your respective dogs back to their kennels you can’t help feeling a connection to them and the inspiring land you have just travelled across.

The final high of the programme occurred on our last night. Up until this evening we had only seen the Northern Lights once, very faintly on our first evening in Tromso. However on our way to dinner at a restaurant outside the town and away from the town lights we started to notice Northern Light activity. The driver reacted quickly, found a safe place to park and turned off the head lights so we were enveloped in darkness.

At first, all we could see were long shapes of light but gradually the show became more dramatic. The glow became stronger and the shapes began moving from strips of light into cloud patterns. However the best was yet to come. Like an experienced concert conductor Mother Nature saved the best until the end of the show. The cloud pattern very quickly changed into a V shape and for a matter of 4 or 5 seconds began literally bubbling.

Then as soon as it had appeared it vanished, leaving behind just a few feint streaks, which in turn died away, leaving our group enthralled and amazed.

I had always been curious about the Northern Lights prior to this trip and had heard various reports from friends and colleagues but having witnessed them dance in the dark Svalbard skies I can truly say it is worth every effort to witness them with your own eyes. It was indeed a privilege and a memory which will stay with me forever.

If you are interested in venturing into the Arctic Circle then please do contact us to discuss what is possible and keep an eye on the green world holiday website for new programmes!

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